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Real Black News

Ep. 120 of Real Black News features conversations about tracking and fighting White Supremacists with two guests, including the president and CEO of The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Margaret Huang. She discusses the tactics they use to track hate groups, the history of white supremacists in the military, and where the SPLC stands with the Nation of Islam on their map of hate groups in America (interview begins at 9:46). While lawyer, Harvard professor, and former president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, discusses executive producing the four-part CNN original series The People v. The Klan and the black woman - Beulah Mae Donald - who won the fight (interview begins at 44:13). After taking down White supremacy, we focus on building up our money as a community via crowdfunding with real estate and business lawyer Darryl Scipio and his campaign to build an apartment building - Savers Village - in Newark, NJ, that gives money back to its tenants. He also shares three tips on launching a crowdfunding campaign (interview begins at 1:11:04). Plus, North Carolina A&T’s history-making track team, activists getting Hollywood production deals, and more of the top 5 empowering Black news stories of the week. 

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