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Real Love Real Stories

Join host Kanu as she learns about "Love" from couples who are making their relationships work. The couples interviewed take her on their love journey of how they met, how their proposal was, and even explore some annoyances in their relationship. From the stories she hears the different ways couples meet and she even ponders whether she has missed love when it has been right in front of her. Join her to laugh a bit, relate a lot, cry a little and find tons of hope in these love stories.

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info_outline He tried charming her, she felt swindled and it didn't help that he had a mullet. 01/20/2020
info_outline Single? Here are a few easy steps to set your new years intentions for love 01/11/2020
info_outline When they met there was a lot of alcohol, football, dancing and a lot of friends saying "don't mess with that girl" 01/02/2020
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info_outline She is just a girl who loves her amazing husband and a cute, colorful outfit! 10/01/2019
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