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Real Recovery Talk

If you or a loved one are battling alcoholism or drug addiction, this podcast will give you inspiration and hope that there is a way out. Addiction isn't a life sentence. People recover everyday. It takes time and some hard work, but in the end it is worth it! Hosted by Tom Conrad, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict himself. Tom shares from his own experiences and the experiences of others to teach you the things that you can do TODAY to start living a sober and free lifestyle!

info_outline 199 - How to stay sober during the holidays 12/09/2021
info_outline 198 - Addicted to Meth - Devin shares his story 11/25/2021
info_outline 197 - Getting Hooked On (and Off) Drugs and Drink 11/19/2021
info_outline 196 - Starting an Addiction During College 11/04/2021
info_outline 195 - Healing Trauma to Break Free From Addiction 10/28/2021
info_outline 194 - Sher Canada Gets Her Life Back at Age 58 10/21/2021
info_outline 193 - Vince has been to 10+ treatment centers - What will be different this time? 10/14/2021
info_outline 192 - Growing up in Manhattan- Selling drugs and living a lifestyle of destruction- Tom Fabricitore shares his story 10/07/2021
info_outline 191 - Al Dutzik- The Real Deal Alcoholic- The importance of community and benefits of Sober Living 09/30/2021
info_outline 190 - The First 30 Days of Treatment 09/23/2021
info_outline 189 - Perry - Struggles with KRATOM and the anxieties that surrounds it 09/16/2021
info_outline 188 - Ken B - 35 retired from the Army, discusses his alcoholism and addiction throughout his life and ultimately where it led him 09/09/2021
info_outline 187 - 5 advantages to sobriety that we didn't see coming 09/02/2021
info_outline 186 - Cody W - His successes, finance and all things money and how it can impact our sobriety 08/26/2021
info_outline 185 - Kevin W- Shares about anxiety, cutting treatment short and having a psychic change 08/19/2021
info_outline 184 - Darell shares why he turned to alcohol to deal with night terrors and PTSD - His treatment experiences and the path moving forward 07/08/2021
info_outline 183 - JP Burton - Gaining control of his life through sobriety 06/24/2021
info_outline 182 - Tommy L - How one Corona took him down a deep dark path 06/17/2021
info_outline 181 - Noah didn't get straight A's in treatment, but he is thriving! 06/03/2021
info_outline 180 - The Importance of Staying Connected and How Giving Back has Kept Him Sober with Eric Sheets 05/27/2021
info_outline 179 - Fatih Penda - His journey intro recovery and how his upbringing could have held him back 05/20/2021
info_outline 178 - Brad Jensen - Founder and CEO of Key Nutrition talks drug addiction and how he became the entrepreneur he is today 05/13/2021
info_outline 177 - Maya B - Masters Level Dope Addict to Masters Level Clinician 05/06/2021
info_outline 176 - What Is Proper Structure in Sober Living With Crazy Keith 04/29/2021
info_outline 175 - Geographical Change: Assisting People Through Recovery 04/22/2021
info_outline 174 - Our Thoughts on California Sober AKA Marijuana Maintenance Program 04/15/2021
info_outline 173 - Nicole Bifano, LCSW - The Therapeutic Process and AL-ANON 04/08/2021
info_outline 172 - Steve the Intern at Rock Recovery Center - Shares his experience getting clean and sober and why he chose to work in the field of addiction 04/01/2021
info_outline 171 - The Importance of Exercise When Getting Clean and Sober 03/04/2021
info_outline 170 - Allie Severino - Host and Producer of "Dope Sick Nation" 02/18/2021