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REBEL Parenting with Ryan & Laura Dobson

Nobody is more keenly aware of what “failure” feels like than parents. Every day, our hard-fought and heart-felt efforts to shape, mold, nurture and love our kids challenge our wisdom, our intellect, our patience and sometimes even our marriages and our faith. Rebel Parenting is where it’s ok to be the parent you are while still working to be the parent you want to be. There are billions of parents in the world, yet we often feel like we’re alone. At Rebel Parenting, you’ll find honest, real advice from parents who are trying—and sometimes failing—just like you are. It’s practical, tangible and born from the real struggles parents face. Rebel Parenting is biblically-based, but not white-washed. We don’t condone a culture and a church that feigns perfection. We are broken people in need of healing. To pretend otherwise robs of us the support of community and the need for a Savior. Bring your questions and find answers. Bring your guilt and find grace. Bring your frustrations and find hope. To find freedom, sometimes you’ve got to start a rebellion.

info_outline 333 "Triggers In Parenting" Wendy Speake REBEL Parenting 02/20/2020
info_outline 332 "Marriage Triggers" with Guy & Amber Lia REBEL Parenting 02/18/2020
info_outline 331 Patti Callahan "Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis" REBEL Parenting 02/13/2020
info_outline 330 Mom's On the Mic - Sarah Mae "The Complicated Heart" REBEL Parenting 02/12/2020
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info_outline 328 Rachel Marie Martin "The Brave Art of Motherhood" Mom's On the Mic REBEL Parenting 02/06/2020
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info_outline 326 "Tuesday Morning Quick Take" REBEL Parenting 02/04/2020
info_outline 325 Tiffany King "Eat at Home" REBEL Parenting 01/30/2020
info_outline 324 REBEL Commentary REBEL Parenting 01/29/2020
info_outline 323 REBEL Encounter with Kristin Chadwick REBEL Parenting 01/28/2020
info_outline 322 Kay Wills Wyma “Not the Boss of Us!” REBEL Parenting 01/22/2020
info_outline 321 Kerri Pomarolli "Proverbs 32 Woman" REBEL Parenting 01/21/2020
info_outline 320 Monday Morning Quick Take REBEL Parenting 01/20/2020
info_outline 319 Lisa Bevere "Adamant" REBEL Parenting 01/08/2020
info_outline 318 Natalie Hixson- Help! I Am an Angry Parent! REBEL Parenting 01/07/2020
info_outline 317 New Year's Day Episode with Todd White! REBEL Parenting 01/01/2020
info_outline 316 Best of 2019-Sharon Jaynes “Sexual Intimacy” REBEL Parenting 12/31/2019
info_outline 315 Best of 2019- Winifred M. Reilly “It Takes One to Tango” REBEL Parenting 12/30/2019
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info_outline 313 Best of 2019- Gary Thomas “Cherish” REBEL Parenting 12/25/2019
info_outline 312 Best of 2019- Becky Kopitzke “The Cranky Mom Fix” REBEL Parenting 12/24/2019
info_outline 311 Best of 2019- Maria Furlough “Confident Moms, Confident Daughters” REBEL Parenting 12/23/2019
info_outline 310 Best of 2019- Dr. Ken Wilgus “Feeding the Mouth that Bites You” REBEL Parenting 12/20/2019
info_outline 309 Best of 2019- Toni and Alisa DiLorenzo “Lets Talk About Sexl” REBEL Parenting 12/18/2019
info_outline 308 Best of 2019- Kristen Jenson "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures" REBEL Parenting 12/18/2019
info_outline 307 REBEL Live on REBEL Parenting 12/16/2019
info_outline 306 Doug Bender "I Am Second" REBEL Parenting 12/13/2019
info_outline 305 "Teaching Your Kids to Love the Bible" Brian Dembowczk REBEL Parenting 12/11/2019
info_outline 304 Amy E. Ford “How to Walk Through Loss With Your Child” REBEL Parenting 12/10/2019