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Reef Frenzy Radio

Our podcast will feature content designed to educate, inform and entertain those involved with the reef hobby. We intend to host guests who will discuss topics ranging from nutrition, breeding, equipment and the industry in general.

info_outline Episode 13 with Brandon Rutherford talking about his third grade classroom reef project 04/09/2018
info_outline Episode 12 with Nuri Fisher, President of Piscine Energetics 03/16/2018
info_outline Episode 11 "Identifying Fish Disease and Treatment methods" 02/11/2018
info_outline Episode 10 with Chad Clayton from Reed Mariculture 01/13/2018
info_outline Episode 9 with Todd Gardner talking about a variety of cool topics! 12/07/2017
info_outline Episode 8 with Bobby Moon from Chicagoland Aquariums 11/25/2017
info_outline Episode 7- Reefkeeping "Down Under!" 11/04/2017
info_outline Episode 6 with Rick Lowe from Synergy Reef Systems 10/31/2017
info_outline Episode 5 with Coldwater Marine Aquatics 06/15/2017
info_outline Episode 4- Richard Ross from the Steinhart Aquarium 06/02/2017
info_outline Episode 3 Featuring Ken Easter from Coral Frenzy 05/26/2017
info_outline Episode #2 with Jonathan Foster from FishEye Aquaculture 05/22/2017
info_outline "Live with Larry: Episode one with Mark Callahan 04/30/2017
info_outline "Live with Larry" is coming soon to Reef Frenzy Radio! 04/28/2017