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Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast

The Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas podcast shares the spirit of the season all year long, an "all-things Christmas" podcast. Christmas is our happy place! SBMXmas (Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Xmas) features "Xmas News" followed by a guest interview covering holiday topics from vintage to modern, music/entertainment, foods, decorating, holiday history & more. Rikki & Mary take their broadcasting skills into the podcasting world spreading the Xmas spirit to young & old almost all year long. SBMXmas is the "show for Xmas info!"

info_outline Holiday Hot Shots 09/17/2023
info_outline Twas the Night Bicentennial 09/12/2023
info_outline Rankin Bass News 2023 09/04/2023
info_outline Christmas on Walton's Mountain 08/28/2023
info_outline "A Paul Harvey Holiday" 08/19/2023
info_outline Vintage Christmas Trees 08/14/2023
info_outline Bonus: The Christmas Podcasts Podcast 08/01/2023
info_outline Xmas In July: A Coca-Cola Christmas: Xmas CDs 07/25/2023
info_outline Xmas in July: A Coca-Cola Christmas The Recipes 07/23/2023
info_outline Xmas in July: The World of Coca-Cola 07/16/2023
info_outline Xmas in July: A Coca-Cola Christmas 07/09/2023
info_outline SBMX: Hallmark Christmas Movies 07/02/2023
info_outline SBMX Xmas Music Clunkers, The Standards 06/30/2023
info_outline SBMX The Nutcracker Museum 06/25/2023
info_outline SBMX A Christmas Wedding 06/18/2023
info_outline SBMX Xmas Destinations: Oregon 06/12/2023
info_outline SBMX The Christmas Expo 06/04/2023
info_outline Christmas Collections: Autographs 05/23/2023
info_outline SBMX Special 100th Xmas Celebration 05/07/2023
info_outline Christmas Oranges 12/19/2022
info_outline A Good Reads Christmas 12/13/2022
info_outline SBMX Xmas at Nela Park 12/04/2022
info_outline SBMX The Gingerbread Lady 11/27/2022
info_outline SBMX Tru-Tone Vintage Lights 11/20/2022
info_outline Tis The Season Xmas Encyclopedia 11/13/2022
info_outline SBMX The Reindeer Bus 11/06/2022
info_outline Christmas Ghost Towns 10/30/2022
info_outline Kohl's Christmas Music CDs 10/23/2022
info_outline Christmas Clunkers 1 10/14/2022
info_outline New Christmas Music 2022 10/07/2022