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Sea Hawkers Podcast: for Seattle Seahawks fans

Whether you're in Seattle or a displaced fan somewhere else in the world, this is YOUR Seattle Seahawks podcast. Each week during the season, Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze bring up relevant Seahawks news as well as topics around the NFL. They have vowed to never fail to mention who is better at life than Skip Bayless. This is the official podcast of the official Sea Hawkers booster club, created by fans of the Seattle Seahawks. While official in those aforementioned aspects, this is an unofficial team and NFL podcast. Whether you're a member of the Sea Hawkers or a huge Seahawks fan, this show is for everyone!

info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Seahawks vs Dallas Postgame Reaction 12/01/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: All Dak or The Seahawks Strike Back 11/30/2023
info_outline What If?...The Seahawks are still ALIVE! 11/29/2023
info_outline 424: The NFL's best are good at ONE thing the Seahawks are avoiding 11/28/2023
info_outline 3 IN, 3 OUT: The Seahawks Blame Game 11/27/2023
info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Stewing in Waldron's Cauldron 11/24/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: Biscuits and best bets 11/23/2023
info_outline What If?...The Seahawks Stuff the Niners 11/22/2023
info_outline 423: A Thanksgiving feast…and the NFC West lead 11/21/2023
info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Yet another annoying one 11/20/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: Betting on a DK Metcalf explosion 11/18/2023
info_outline 422: Whose House? The Communal House! 11/17/2023
info_outline What If?... The Seahawks Roast the Rams 11/16/2023
info_outline 3 IN, 3 OUT: The Seahawks Hidden Heroes 11/14/2023
info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Seahawks Lack Consistency Against Commanders 11/13/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: A Washington Bonanza 11/11/2023
info_outline What If?... The Seahawks Fix the Glitch 11/10/2023
info_outline 421: The Geno Smith Apology Tour 11/09/2023
info_outline 3 IN, 3 OUT: 99 Problems and Geno Ain't One 11/08/2023
info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Make It Stop! 11/05/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: A Sneaky Offensive Explosion 11/04/2023
info_outline What If?... The Seahawks Put the 'More' in Baltimore 11/03/2023
info_outline 420: Seahawks boost the defense at the trade deadline 11/02/2023
info_outline 3 IN, 3 OUT: A Happy Little Victory 10/31/2023
info_outline Live & UnCatfished: Another Geno Smith Stat 10/30/2023
info_outline PNW Prop Stars: Can Geno Outperform Vs. Browns? 10/28/2023
info_outline Cliff Avril on Frank Clark's Return to the Seahawks 10/27/2023
info_outline What If?... The Seahawks Throw It Back! 10/27/2023
info_outline 419: Boye Mafe Needs to Stay on His Feet 10/26/2023
info_outline Seahawks Key Stats: Does it Matter OR Doesn't Matter? 10/26/2023