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The Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate Investing

The Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate Investing podcast is here to help you take your real estate game to the next level. *This applies to ANY real estate market* Julie & Joe have been in the real estate investing arena for over 20 years, through up markets and down markets, and they are passionate about sharing their story with you. The The Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate Investing is part of the Seattle Investors Club and is an actual real estate meet up, run by Julie & Joe, and this podcast is an additional arm of the Club, that’s intended purpose is to reach more real estate investors, in an attempt to impact more people in a positive way. In our real estate business we do wholesaling, rehabbing, listings, and creative real estate transactions. Over the years it has become necessary to be able to identify real estate deals, and take them in the direction that will add the most value to us and the sellers we work with. Should you ever be compelled to reach out with a question, we encourage it, and hope that you will. All real estate, real estate investing, and general investing questions are fair game.

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