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I am Bob Lotich and I like to experiment with my money so you don't have to. This is practical stuff like money-saving strategies, and apps, tools and budgeting methods that I experiment with, and then much larger experiments as well, like giving away 1/3 of my income or taking a 1-year sabbatical just to see what happens. Like Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and everyone else on the Ramsey team, I want to help you get out of debt. Like Crown Financial, I believe that God's way of handling money yields the most fruit - hence the name SeedTime Money. On some episodes I interview top experts, others I chat with my better half Linda, and sometimes it's just you and me, but it will always help you win with your money. And be sure to stop by our SeedTime.com to get your FREE eCourse ($19 value) to help you master your money.

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