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You thought the perfect people would find your business online, but they haven’t. All you see is your empty calendar or no orders. It’s not your fault. With so many options and distractions, it’s no surprise that you have to fight for every website visitor...or do you? Whether you just launched your website or have been in this game for a while, chances are you’ve heard about SEO. Here’s the thing though—you barely know what those three letters stand for—never mind how to actually “do SEO.” You’ve know SEO matters, but you’re avoiding it because it sounds complicated, techy, and so not in your realm of creative expertise. Take heart—SEO doesn’t have to be so hard. Welcome to the SEO Your Site Now Podcast where podcast host Melissa McGraw delivers actionable SEO tip and online marketing tactics on how to get that business of yours found online! The longer you push SEO to the bottom of your to-do list, the more sales and lifelong customers you can potentially wave goodbye to. Why give them up to your competition when you’ve worked so hard to come this far? The traffic, leads, and sales you want are within your reach. Are you ready to get started?

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