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Let's Talk Serious Startups: The Nuts & Bolts

Let's Talk Serious Startups is all about the nuts and bolts of what goes into going from an idea to success. We interview angel investors, venture capitalists, startup founders, crowdfunding experts, journalists, and marketing professionals that share their knowledge and experience it what it takes to become a Serious Startup!

info_outline EP44: Business Finance Expert Andrea Travillian Breaks Down Wealth Plans Outside Of Your Startup 05/05/2016
info_outline EP43:Gust.com Founder David S. Rose Shares How He Became A Super Angel Investor 04/28/2016
info_outline EP42: Mr Marketology Jeff Beale On Becoming A Thought Leader Thru Modern Technology 04/27/2016
info_outline EP41: VentureFirst CEO John Shumate Explains Valuation & Growth Of Middle America Startups 04/25/2016
info_outline EP40: Serial Entrepreneur & Investor Nick Matzorkis Shares How He Built & Sold 18 Companies 04/19/2016
info_outline EP39: Startup Capital Raising Expert John Livesay Explains How To Perfect Your Pitch 04/13/2016
info_outline EP 38: Entertainment Attorney Michael Prywes On Entertainment Law & Protecting Media Startups 04/12/2016
info_outline EP 37: Entrepreneur of the Year Joel Holland Shares How He Built VideoBlocks & The Importance Of Video 03/16/2016
info_outline EP 36: TEDex Speaker & Entrepreneur Tom Hunt Talks About Using Virtual Assistants To Improve Productivity 03/09/2016
info_outline EP35: Best Selling Author Ebong Eka Talks About How You Get On TV 02/09/2016
info_outline EP34: Venture Capitalist Shane Spencer Breaks Down Investor ROI Requirements, Funding Types & What Get's His Attention 02/04/2016
info_outline EP33: HARO Founder & Angel Investor Peter Shankman Talks About How To Get His Attention 01/20/2016
info_outline EP 32: Tim Ozgener Fomer CEO Of CAO Cigars On The Importance Of Customer Experience 01/18/2016
info_outline EP31: Angel Investor Of The Year Manny Fernandez Talks Crowdfunding, Raising Capital & Entrepreneurship 12/17/2015
info_outline EP30: Startup Founder Laura Roeder Explains Bootstrapping & Social Media 12/09/2015
info_outline EP29: Angel Investor Tatyana Gray Explains What Investors Are Looking For 12/03/2015
info_outline 28: Angel Investor Ivan Raiklin Talks About The Sharing Economy 11/30/2015
info_outline 27: Michael Johnstone Talks About Working With Mark Cuban 07/31/2015
info_outline 26: Fast Company Founder Alan Webber Shares His Powerful Story To Entrepreneurs 09/05/2014
info_outline 25: Anna Ruth Williams Shares How To Actually Get PR Coverage For Your Startup 09/02/2014
info_outline 24: Paul Singh Explains The Invisible Game Being Played In Achieving Success 08/29/2014
info_outline 23: Paul Singh From 500 Startups & Distruption Corporation Talks Being A Founder 08/26/2014
info_outline 22: Alex Goldfayn Talks Growing Startups & How Netflix Values Customers 08/07/2014
info_outline 21: Announcing Aquisition Of Nibletz & Talking With Founder Nick Tippmann 07/10/2014
info_outline 20: Caryn Tomer Talks Tech Startups Gaining Traction 04/08/2014
info_outline 19: Startup & Franchise Attorney Josh Brown Explains Law For Entrepreneurs 02/24/2014
info_outline 18: CEO of oDesk Gary Swart Explains How To Grow Successful Companies 02/17/2014
info_outline 17: Pat Riley Talks Startup Accelerators & How The Game Is Changing 02/14/2014
info_outline 16: Austin Allred On Living In Your Car To Get Funded In The Valley 02/13/2014
info_outline 15: Alex Harris Explains A/B Testing & SEO For Startups 02/12/2014