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Sexploration with Monika

Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun!

info_outline The BDSM Tea Party (10 minute quickie edit) 04/11/2019
info_outline Is That Broccolini In Your Yoga Pants or Are You Just Happy To See Me? 04/05/2019
info_outline This Heart Holds Many; 2nd Gen Sex & Gender 03/18/2019
info_outline Boob Massage, Sweet Spots & Radical Feminist Comedy 01/21/2019
info_outline Energy Healing, Sex and Musicals 07/06/2018
info_outline Hack Your Orgasm 05/13/2017
info_outline Take a bite of Erotic Fine Artist Nancy Peach 02/03/2017
info_outline Kinky Salon Confessions 01/11/2016
info_outline Are you your own authentic kind of sexy? 02/14/2015
info_outline Homeless Sex Party? Scary!!! 02/24/2014
info_outline Masquerotica 2013: Costumes & Consent Are Sexy 11/03/2013
info_outline Girl Sex 101: Roadtrip Sex-ed Romance Novel Comic 10/13/2013
info_outline Love Drugs & Polyamory with the Queen 08/08/2013
info_outline Tantra & Pleasure: the Danger Path? 05/10/2013
info_outline Cockette's Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma: Theater of the ReDICKulous 05/04/2013
info_outline Aphrodisiacs and Ingredients for Arousal 04/15/2013
info_outline Burlesque Self-Esteem Scholarships (All Kinds of Sexy II) 03/26/2013
info_outline Lesbian Love Story from 1890, A Lady and a Woman 03/15/2013
info_outline Pleasure is Good For You (Healthy, Healing, Empowering) 02/26/2013
info_outline Sensual Interactive Couple's Massage (My Blissed Out Valentine) 02/15/2013
info_outline The Kinky Salon Memoir and Tango 02/07/2013
info_outline The Empowerminty Sex in the City - Drag/Grrl power & strip-mining the spectrum of sex 01/18/2013
info_outline Hack Your Relationship: Tips For <3 + :) 01/04/2013
info_outline Deepen Your Relationship With Sex, Magic with Real-World Benefits! 12/28/2012
info_outline Festive Feminists, Queers, & Goddess-Worshippers 12/21/2012
info_outline Your Daily 3-Minute Orgasm & Clit Like a Soccer Ball 12/15/2012
info_outline Bondage, Clowns, Gods, Piercing, & Sex-Positive Parenting 12/07/2012
info_outline A Trannyshack Xmas for Everyone w/ The Golden Girls 11/30/2012
info_outline Masquerotica: The Yes Yes Yes Party 11/22/2012
info_outline Masquerotica: End the Battle of the Sexes 11/11/2012