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info_outline MLB trade deadline, Lebron and the haters, Jerry Jones Irony, with Fab Five and wish we did 08/02/2019
info_outline Area 51, Russia Spy's, Acai? 07/19/2019
info_outline Happy Birthday America! 07/03/2019
info_outline Happy Birthday America! 07/03/2019
info_outline Lakers News, NCAA sucks, Olympics, Trivia 06/28/2019
info_outline AD trade, Lakers cap space, New trivia game 06/21/2019
info_outline Blues Win! AD trade talk, US Womens WC, Hard Knocks 06/14/2019
info_outline Stanley Cup, Dodgers rule, AD trade, NBA playoffs, and "Like" 06/07/2019
info_outline NBA finals, Lakers 2.0,Stanley cup, 05/31/2019
info_outline Lakers Fiasco, KD legacy, our pitch to KD, Omar's Hockey Taqueria 05/24/2019
info_outline NBA Draft, Lakers pick, NBA playoffs, John wick vs ? 05/17/2019
info_outline Lakers Fiasco, Durant injury, Barry Melrose, GOT 05/10/2019
info_outline NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, The Night King, Bryan's W's 05/03/2019
info_outline Dame Time! NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, Holly Sonders, GOT 04/25/2019
info_outline Tigers back, NBA playoffs, Drakes curse, GOT, Raiders schedules 04/19/2019
info_outline Magic NO-MO, lakers talk, NBA playoffs, Masters, GOT 04/13/2019
info_outline Special guest Jon Aviles, GOT, 1 Hit Wonders, baseball 04/06/2019
info_outline Baseballs back, NCAA Mafia, Peters trip, Super hero wars 03/29/2019
info_outline Mike Trout, March Madness, Jaygo's back, Conspiracy theories 03/22/2019
info_outline NFL Free Agency, Lakers front office, Westbrook, Mcgregor, News 03/15/2019
info_outline Lakeshow, Raiders and Broncos, Kyler Murray, Casual non-sense 03/08/2019
info_outline Bryce Deal, Lebron Show, First team NBA, Jason Witten, Cardinals move 03/01/2019
info_outline Zion, KD and Kyrie, Money Machado, Trivia 02/22/2019
info_outline Lakers Playoffs? Kyler Murray Draft, Antonio Brown Trade? MLB Free Agency 02/14/2019
info_outline Trade Deadline, Super bowl, Lakers, All time draft 02/08/2019
info_outline Anthony Davis Laker bound, Laker hate must stop, Super bowl Sunday baby! 02/01/2019
info_outline James Harden, Championship weekend, Derek Carr, Lakers talk 01/25/2019
info_outline Hamberders? Enes Kanter A most Wanted Man, NFL CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND!! 01/18/2019
info_outline Hamberders? Enes Kanter wanted Man, NFL Championship Weekend!! 01/18/2019
info_outline NFL Playoffs, New Coach Hires, Glory days, Trivia 01/11/2019