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The YES Effect

Shelli Varela is no stranger to possibility hacking. She overcame many obstacles when she was hired 22 years ago as her city's first female firefighter. More remarkable than this, was her starting point. As an artist weighing in at a mere 108 lbs, she made a decision that she would do whatever it took to become a firefighter. After struggling daily for 1162 days, she built the skills, knowledge and experience the job required from the ground up and reverse engineered her goal. During her journey she became obsessed with the power of the mind and in particular, the transformational power of the word YES. She began to notice patterns among top achievers who accomplished bold feats and realized it was time to inspire others with their stories and to share how one simple word can impact not only a life, but the world. Welcome to The YES Effect Show.

info_outline TYE 101: Cultivating Freedom with Freelancing with Afton Negrea 05/03/2020
info_outline TYE 100: How story ACTUALLY Works 07/26/2019
info_outline TYE 099: How a NZ Dentist Brought the House Down with Her First Talk 03/29/2019
info_outline TYE 098: How EveryBODY can Write their Own Story 03/21/2019
info_outline TYE 097: How Serving the Underserved is a Huge Advantage with Alexis Dean 02/18/2019
info_outline TYE 096: The Magic of Story, Synergy and Sales with Liis Windischmann 02/07/2019
info_outline TYE 095: How Business Can Foster Human Connection with Nancy Case 01/23/2019
info_outline TYE 094: How to Ask Deep Questions with Jan Keck 01/20/2019
info_outline TYE 093: Success Begins with YES with Darrah Brustein 01/07/2019
info_outline TYE 092: When Masculinity Meets Vulnerability with Nick McNaught 01/01/2019
info_outline TYE 091: Selling With Story 07/10/2018
info_outline TYE 090: How To Build A Business By Design with James Wedmore 06/15/2018
info_outline TYE 089: How To Connect with Your Guides, featuring Marilyn Alauria 06/11/2018
info_outline TYE 088: How Unlocking Secrets Will Set You Free with Kathe Crawford 06/04/2018
info_outline TYE 087: How You Can Create Your Life and Business - by Design, not Default with Leighann Amanda 05/28/2018
info_outline TYE 086: Follow Your Bliss with Jennifer Grigg 05/21/2018
info_outline TYE 085: The Healing Connection of Holistic Partnership with Kathy Kawalec 05/07/2018
info_outline TYE 084: How to Create Wealth and Purpose with Patty Lennon 04/30/2018
info_outline TYE 083: The Science of Creating Viral Content with Rachel Miller 04/24/2018
info_outline TYE 082: From Executive to The Super Fans Coach with Purdeep Sangha 04/16/2018
info_outline TYE 081: How to Walk Through Grief and Live with Intention featuring Eric Hodgdon 04/09/2018
info_outline TYE 080: Balance Work and Life Like a Boss with Casey Van Zandt 04/04/2018
info_outline TYE 079: TYE 079: Former Oprah Producer Rachel Hanfling, on Standing Out in the Media and Winning an Audience 03/26/2018
info_outline TYE 078: How filmmaker Sarah Arlen Proved the Skeptics Wrong 03/19/2018
info_outline TYE 077: How to Create a High Profit and Low Stress Business with Stu McLaren 03/12/2018
info_outline TYE 076: Don’t KEEP Your Day Job with Cathy Heller 02/19/2018
info_outline TYE 075: What It Means To Have BRAVE Influence with Mike and Sheena Murphy 02/12/2018
info_outline TYE 074: How YouTube can be the Engine of Your Business with Sunny Lenarduzzi 01/22/2018
info_outline TYE 073: MAN UNCIVILIZED- The Radically New Movement of Men, Divorce and Heartbreak with Traver Boehm 01/15/2018
info_outline TYE 072: Permission to Leap with Bri Seeley 01/08/2018