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Simple Change

Simple Change is a podcast designed for listeners who are ready to create lasting change, in the middle of a shift or just plain fed-up with doing what everyone else is doing. Simple Change listeners want a new and inspired outlook as a motivation. The goal and tone of this podcast is to inspire others to step into a transformation process. through the simple changes, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and to discuss the lasting impact they can create in your life. Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach Sarah Mastriani-Levi of Mannafest Living shares conversations with inspiring people who will offer tips and tools to create impact and lasting change through a series of small steps.

info_outline 021:Exposing the Cracks that the Light May Come In with Sarah Mastriani-Levi 02/15/2017
info_outline 020:Hydration as a Spiritual Act 02/05/2017
info_outline 019:Brittney Hiller:Giving Yoga a Laughing Twist 12/03/2016
info_outline 018:Martin Lesch:Creating a Legacy of Improvisation and Compassion 10/08/2016
info_outline 017:Natasha Wozniak: Rebuilding a Village-One Brick at a Time 09/28/2016
info_outline 016:Nick Snapp:Helping Others Get Their Time Back 09/13/2016
info_outline 015:Deborah Williams:Helping Others Discover their Financial Karma 08/08/2016
info_outline 014:Emily Alexander:Using Art to Find Your Soul Purpose 07/30/2016
info_outline 013:Marty Crocker: Creating Connection with Radical Generosity 07/21/2016
info_outline 012:Charles Gupton: Leading Others to Deeper Self-Discovery 06/23/2016
info_outline 011: Soness Stevens: Practicing Compassion to Learn to Read the Air 06/07/2016
info_outline 010: Michelle Grandy: Shifting Your Mindset to Create a Wellness Lifestyle 05/22/2016
info_outline 009: Peter Rossetti: Designing a Personal Vision of Self-Love 04/22/2016
info_outline 008: Anna Gatmon: Guiding Others to Embody their Spirit 04/05/2016
info_outline 007: Lisa Vogt: Motivating Others to be Ever Better 03/22/2016
info_outline 006: Anthony Mattis: Sticking it Out through the Storm of Your Soul to find Ease and Grace 03/08/2016
info_outline 005: Greg Galvin: Using Rebellion to View Life as an Experiment 02/29/2016
info_outline 004: Regina Banis: Finding Clarity through Writing and Accountability 02/25/2016
info_outline 003: Moshe Dekel: Discovering your True Health through Holistic Medicine Moshe 02/25/2016
info_outline 002: Laura Petersen: Empowering others to Love Radically 02/24/2016
info_outline 001: Carla Golden: Championing a Vegan Lifestyle of Liberation 02/23/2016
info_outline 000: Sarah Mastriani-Levi: Introduction To Simple Change 02/21/2016