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Small Business Big Deal Podcast

The Small Business, Big Deal Podcast is where entrepreneurs deconstruct their businesses, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. The goal of the podcast is to help young entrepreneurs turn their dreams into businesses and to meet the brightest entrepreneurs of present and future. Thanks for listening to the Small Business, Big Deal Podcast. One business owner. One story. Week by week. The host of Small Business, Big Deal is Tracy Jepson, a Small Business Strategist, Certified Mastery Profit First Professional, and CEO of Jepson Solutions, LLC. With 16 years of experience in small business administration, Tracy understands the unique needs that companies face, especially in those critical first five years. As a small business strategist, Tracy helps her clients understand their numbers and how they impact the overall health of their business. She develops a strategic plan based on industry best practices to support her client’s growth goals and then meets with them on a monthly basis to ensure they achieve those goals and ultimately get out of debt. Tracy has expanded her business by sharing her expertise to everyday entrepreneurs and start-up business owners via her signature Path to Profit System. This multidimensional approach in her online academy helps entrepreneurs create a profit-focused foundation for their business so they can effectively manage their cash flow, get out of debt, and create a sustainable business.

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