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snarkyhomeschoolmoms's podcast

Marci and Aurie are two real life moms who have given up on mastering this parenting thing and are now just concentrating on keeping everyone alive. If that alone isn't a near impossible feat somedays, they decided to homeschool just to up their level of difficulty. If you are like them and aren't so much trying to stick the landing as to not face plant, join them on the Snarky Homeschool Moms podcast.

info_outline Episode 16 - Tips For Your First Homeschool Convention 04/12/2018
info_outline Episode 15 - The Great Vaccination Debate 04/03/2018
info_outline Why Can't You Just Go To Sleep?! 02/26/2018
info_outline Episode 13 - Christmas Tree Adventures 12/20/2017
info_outline Episode 12 - The Great Pet Explosion of 2017 12/11/2017
info_outline No Denim Jumpers, But Plenty Of Spackle 11/09/2017
info_outline Real And Rambling 10/31/2017
info_outline Episode 9 - Social Media, Screen Time, and Kids 10/11/2017
info_outline Episode 8 - Sleepless Nights, More Side-Tackling, and Time For Mom 09/28/2017
info_outline Episode 7 - Creative Ways To Flood Your Bathroom Floor 09/14/2017
info_outline Episode 6 - Do You Even Know What Socialization Means? 08/31/2017
info_outline Episode 5 - Teaching Modesty Without Being A Prude 08/22/2017
info_outline Episode 4 - Kids And Chores 08/09/2017
info_outline Top 10 Back To Homeschool Supplies {or Aurie Loves Staples} 08/02/2017
info_outline Episode 2 - Don't Judge Our Clean Houses 07/26/2017
info_outline Episode 1 - Day Trips With Your Kids While Keeping Your Sanity 07/20/2017
info_outline Snarky Homeschool Moms Promo 07/13/2017