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Sound Check Chat - A Music Lover's Podcast delivering answers straight from Artist's Lips

Sound Check Chat is a music lover's podcast that delivers the answers fans are looking for, straight from the mouths of those who make wonderful music. Music journalist and editor Tim Anderl brings you a new music artist interview on the 1st and 15th of each month.

info_outline Basement chats about Promise Everything, skating, their writing process, and more - Sound Check Chat 03/02/2016
info_outline Blaze Ya Dead Homie chats about The Casket Factory, koala bears, memorable gifts from fans, and more - Sound Check Chat 02/01/2016
info_outline The Gunshy chats about their new 7" - At 35, the band, mortality, and more - Sound Check Chat 12/01/2015
info_outline Wax Idols chats about The American Tragic, coping with anxiety and depression, and more - Sound Check Chat 11/15/2015
info_outline Joe Bonamassa chats about the future of the blues, his career, plans for an early retirement and more - Sound Check Chat 10/06/2015
info_outline Beach Slang chats about The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, honest song writing, The Goo Goo Dolls, and more - Sound Check Chat 09/16/2015
info_outline The Wrecking Ball ATL chats about The Wrecking Ball Atlanta Music Festival 2015 - Sound Check Chat 07/25/2015
info_outline Boys Life chats about Departures and Landfalls, Jimmy Eat World, being a punk dad, and More - Sound Check Chat 07/15/2015
info_outline Lazer/Wulf chats about The Beast Of Left And Right, Science Fiction, Lady Gaga, and More - Sound Check Chat 06/12/2015
info_outline Stelth Ulvang chats about And As Always The Infinite Cosmos, love, aliens, and more - Sound Check Chat 04/16/2015
info_outline Afghan Whigs chats about Do the Beast, the catalysts that brought them to killer new heights and more - Sound Check Chat 04/01/2015
info_outline Frameworks chats about Loom, working with Jack Shirley, connecting with people while traveling, and more - Sound Check Chat 03/18/2015
info_outline Dads chats about I'll Be the Tornado, music for film, relocating the band, and cosmetics - Sound Check Chat 03/01/2015
info_outline Dot Hacker chats about hacking, decorated snails, and taking 6 years to finish a song - Sound Check Chat 10/04/2014
info_outline Mineral chats about the 20th Anniversary tour, recording their albums, lessons learned, and more - Sound Check Chat 09/02/2014
info_outline Empire Empire chats about You Will Eventually Be Forgotten, the emo revival, Mineral, and more - Sound Check Chat 08/15/2014
info_outline Those Mockingbirds chats about Penny the Dreadful, MTV video success, making it big, and media relations - Sound Check Chat 08/02/2014
info_outline My Goodness chats about Shiver and Shake, the Seattle scene, and music videos - Sound Check Chat 08/02/2014
info_outline Michelle Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers chats about the band's approach, her love for funk, and saving lives. - Sound Check Chat 07/16/2014
info_outline Josh Goldman and Brandi Smith of Rad Girlfriend Records chat about starting their label, women in punk, and a particularly shitty experience - Sound Check Chat 07/02/2014
info_outline Aaron Rogers of Ultrasphinx chats about the album, performing, and gear - Sound Check Chat 06/30/2014
info_outline Andrew Low - The Jazz June | Good Old Days | New Material | Sound Check Chat 06/12/2014
info_outline Christopher Wright - C. Wright's Parlour Tricks | Band's Approach | Latest EP | Music Science 06/12/2014
info_outline Drew Speziale of Circle Takes the Square chats about their album Decompositions, their years of dormancy, The Fest in Gainesville, Kombucha, and more - Sound Check Chat 04/19/2014
info_outline Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers chats about their new record, Heavy Reverie, their new label, and recording on the same equipment as Michael Jackson - Sound Check Chat 04/19/2014
info_outline The 1984 Draft chats about being featured in the upcoming NFL channel documentary about the 1984 NFL draft as well as their new EP, Bo Jackson Up The Middle - Sound Check Chat 04/01/2014
info_outline Grieves chats about The Winter and the Wolves, his video Shreds, former tour mates, and pizza - Sound Check Chat 03/21/2014
info_outline JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights chats about Punk Parenting, their 10 Year Anniversary Tour, and his Solo Album Field Medicine - Sound Check Chat 03/18/2014
info_outline Violent J of ICP chats about Aaron Spencer Benefit Concert - Sound Check Chat 03/15/2014