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Sound Money Management

Sound Money Management features, Charles "Chuck" Johnson, DuBois Area investment advisor and founder of Guardian Planners. Chuck has made it a priority to look for new and innovative ways to improve and enhance his clients' investment experience. If you have talked to more than one advisor about your investments, you may have been surprised that the advice you received sounds the same. Not surprisingly, the results are often the same too. If the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result, perhaps it's time to try a different approach with your investments. Charles W. Johnson is a registered representative of and offers securities through Kovack Securities, Inc. 6451 N. Federal Hwy. Ste. 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308. Tel: (954) 782-4771 Member FINRA / SIPC. Advisory services offered through Kovack Advisors Inc. Guardian Planners is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.

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