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Sound Palate

Every month, listen along with Kitty Kinnin (radio personality, voiceover artist, and Triangle, NC icon) to discover the journeys and back stories of our most talented chefs, rising stars, bakers, cooks, grill masters, brewers, farmers, herbalists, foragers, winemakers, and everything in between. Also in Kitty’s Sound Palate, our favorite chefs pair signature dishes with a piece of music, bartenders pair a specialty cocktail with a tune, and musicians do the same with a favorite dish. It seems a new hot spot opens daily in all over North Carolina. The once historic tobacco districts have turned into a new blend of cool culture and food discoveries rich in variety, tradition, creativity and access to fresh, prime ingredients.

info_outline The Angus Barn's Van Eure Part 2 05/13/2022
info_outline The Angus Barn's Van Eure Part 1 05/13/2022