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The Stage Rightside with James Whiteside

American Ballet Theatre's Principal Dancer James Whiteside takes you backstage for ABT's 8 week performance season at the Metropolitan Theatre, providing an exclusive peek into his world as he brings us interviews directly from his dressing room. On this 8 week series,expect the unexpected as you never know who James will be chatting with next. From dancers, to choreographers to wardrobe, theatre crew and anyone who makes the production a success. Tune in each Thursday....Stage Rightside.

info_outline Designer Jean-Marc Puissant 06/05/2020
info_outline Xander Parish: Mariinsky Star 05/08/2020
info_outline Beatriz Stix-Brunell 05/02/2020
info_outline Arthur Pita: South African Portuguese Brit 04/24/2020
info_outline Marcelino Sambé, You Stay! 04/22/2020
info_outline Harper Watters: Queen Bee of Houston Ballet 04/10/2020
info_outline Megan Take the Wheel 10/11/2019
info_outline Stage Rightside Returns! 10/03/2019
info_outline Mark Morris Makes Dances 06/08/2018
info_outline Kevin McKenzie on Directing 05/18/2018
info_outline Hip Hip Hoorayvid Hallberg! 07/07/2017
info_outline Executive Realness 06/30/2017
info_outline The Cat Wranglers 06/23/2017
info_outline Susan for a Bruisin 06/16/2017
info_outline Jamar You or Jamaren't You? 06/02/2017
info_outline Trockadero Gigglefest 05/26/2017
info_outline The CocoMotion 05/19/2017
info_outline Truly Julie 07/08/2016
info_outline 10 ~ Female CORPSeographer 06/24/2016
info_outline 09 ~ Rena is the Most 06/17/2016
info_outline 08 ~ Etoiles of ABT: Gillian & Marcelo 06/10/2016
info_outline 07 ~ Uptown, Meet Jack Ferver 06/03/2016
info_outline 06 ~ The Ratmansky is the Limit 05/27/2016
info_outline 05 ~ Reid & Harriet 05/20/2016
info_outline 04 ~ The Ellas 05/13/2016
info_outline 03 ~ James provides a sneak peek int ABT's Spring Season at the Metropolitan Opera House 05/11/2016
info_outline 02 ~ James dives into the purpose of the podcast. 05/10/2016
info_outline 01 ~ Getting to know James 05/09/2016