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Stitchery Stories

Stitchery Stories... Where textile artists share their life in fabric & thread. Embroidery. Textile Art. Inspiration, Techniques, Disasters & Delights. Join embroidery enthusiast & textile art dabbler, Susan Weeks, in her friendly weekly chats with UK textile artists. Discover how they got started. Share the lessons learned along the way. Get excited about what they are working on at the moment. Learn how they keep their business growing, their creativity flowing, and get a sneak peek into what is coming next... Discover More https://www.stitcherystories.com/

info_outline Claire Edwards: Pushing The Boundaries Of Traditional Hand Embroidery 05/20/2020
info_outline Jessica Aldred: Designing Her Life Through Embroidery 05/13/2020
info_outline Susan Weeks: Some Thoughts and Questions around Stitchery Stories Podcast 05/06/2020
info_outline Claire Mort: Powerful Pop Art in Hand Embroidery 04/29/2020
info_outline Ilke Cochrane: Delightful Hardanger Embroidery 04/15/2020
info_outline Ami James Returns : Soothing Anxiety With Mindful Sewing 04/01/2020
info_outline Jane Austen Embroidery: The Stories Behind The Words And Stitches 03/18/2020
info_outline Lianne Van Leyen : Creating cross stitch patterns from antique schoolgirl samplers 02/26/2020
info_outline Kate Tume: powerful textile art to highlight species loss 02/12/2020
info_outline Eva Kitok: Textile artist making the most of spare minutes 01/09/2020
info_outline Sharing 2019 Stitchery Stories Global Listener Highlights 12/18/2019
info_outline CarolAnn J Allan: Loving Shibori and Slow Stitch 12/11/2019
info_outline Stitchery Stories Live Part Two at Podcast Social Club 12/04/2019
info_outline Stitchery Stories Live at Podcast Social Club (part 1) 11/27/2019
info_outline Lynn Comley : Textile Artist Up And Down Dale 11/13/2019
info_outline Tori Riley: Batik Inspiration 10/30/2019
info_outline Mary-Ann Toop: Bringing Fabric Sculptures To Life 10/16/2019
info_outline Tracey Coverley: Textile Artist 10/02/2019
info_outline Diane Gaffney: Trader In South East Asian Textiles 09/18/2019
info_outline SFSNAD: San Francisco School Of Needlework And Design 09/04/2019
info_outline Susan Weeks: Celebrating Two years Of Stitchery Stories Textile Art & Embroidery Podcast 07/17/2019
info_outline Amanda Cobbett: Realistic Embroidered Fungi and Lichen 07/03/2019
info_outline Sally Stone: Textile Artist Yarnstorming York 06/12/2019
info_outline Janine Heschl: Textile Wildlife Art 05/29/2019
info_outline Sarah Cross: Artist Using Textiles And Multi-media Techniques 05/15/2019
info_outline Kathleen Laurel Sage: Shaping Machine Embroidery With Heat 05/01/2019
info_outline Emma Broughton: Embroidered Boxes 04/17/2019
info_outline Loetitia Gibier: Hand Embroidery Artist With A Passion For Design 04/03/2019
info_outline Rie Wenham: Hand Embroidery Artist Who Loves Spiders 03/20/2019
info_outline Danielle Balfoort: Developing Abstract Contemporary Hand embroidery 03/06/2019