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Strength N Mind Podcast

Want to take your athletic career or the athletes you work with to the next level? Every week, strength expert Aaron and mind expert Kyle combine their research-driven thoughts and ideas along with their personal experience to explore the cross-over between physiology and psychology along with covering topics in leadership, mindset, and overall athlete development. From the molecular level to team-leading strategies, weekend warriors and elite level athletes alike can enjoy the level of knowledge displayed in a fun, casual setting. Aaron Combs, M.Ed, CSCS, is a strength and conditioning coach with experience at every level of competition and with every sport. He has trained current athletes in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Kyle Rapp, M.Ed, ACE-CPT, is a physique, mindset coach, and founder of Rappflex, a business and lifestyle design company devoted to helping elite achievers level up their physical and mental capabilities. Kyle has worked with all levels of athletes in multiple sports along with CEO's and other high performers.

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