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Success Caribbean Style: Immigrants | Overcoming The Odds | Achieving Your Dream | Success Stories

The Success Caribbean Style Podcast is a show that gives you hope and make you into a believer of fulfilling your dream. It is a medium where immigrants from the Caribbean share their personal journey of leaving their homeland to pursue a better life in a country that has more opportunities. You will discover how you can achieve your goals as you hear about some of the lessons learned by these immigrants. You will also have some myths dispelled as it relates to some of the stories you may have heard about in regards to some of these foreign countries. One of the consistent message you will hear is the resiliency of Caribbean people. You will also learn how this pursuit of your dream in a foreign land can be humbling in many ways. Here are some of the topics you will hear often: overcoming fear, immigration, assimilation in a new culture, adjusting to culture shock, being home sick, pushing through financial hardships, building a new network of friends, just to name a few. The host of the show is Kingsley Grant who is an immigrant from Jamaica now residing in the United States for almost 40 years.

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