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Success From Scratch™ | Survival of the Fittest Real Estate Investing & Entrepreneurship Revealed

Nick Ruiz is a multi-million dollar real estate investor and real estate entrepreneur who shares important lessons he's learned during his 20 years of experience as a house flipper and why real estate wealth will continue to stand the test of time as the fastest path to riches. He also breaks down the Single Family Triad™ that focuses on wholesaling properties, rehabbing single-family houses and creating passive income through rental properties and why the Single Family Triad™ of real estate investing is the path towards long-lasting financial freedom and true sustainable wealth. Nick has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and is a TWICE self-made entrepreneur who created a million dollar empire in his early twenties, and then again after bankruptcy from the economic collapse of 2008. After rebuilding his wealth, Nick has achieved a higher-minded psychology, greater financial freedom, and fully understands the science of creating wealth. Today, Nick teaches people across the globe about entrepreneurship with his unique Single Family Triad™ method.

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