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SuperFamiCompLit exists as a video game book club that you are more than welcome to play along with! It’s a show in which we discuss games “in context” ie with respect to their canonical, spiritual and covert predecessors and descendants. While the show is primarily mechanically focused we talk about the in universe world as its relevant or… as we like! For each episode we choose a game to play and research as well as a group of optional “extra credit” games to play for comparison and contrasting. When things are up and running the plan is to release an episode a month

info_outline SFCL 1Up 2Drink Minimum: Roundabout 11/27/2016
info_outline SFCL Black Disk Mix : The World Ends With You 11/21/2016
info_outline SFCL 1Up 2 Drink Minimum: Contradiction 11/14/2016
info_outline SFCL: Seasonal Spooky Selections 11/07/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: D Part 3 (The Game Itself) 10/16/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: D Pt. 2: Kenji Eno and Warp 10/08/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: D Pt. 1: Survival Horror History 10/02/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: Fall 2016 Preview 09/20/2016
info_outline SFCL: 1Up 2 Drink Minimum - Huniepop! 09/12/2016
info_outline SFCL - Wario Land II - Part B (The Game Itself) 08/22/2016
info_outline SFCL - Wario Land II - Part A (Series History) 08/16/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 3 08/07/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 2 07/31/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: Firewatch Part 1 07/27/2016
info_outline SFCL Failed Movie Cast: Fantasy Mission Force 07/20/2016
info_outline SFCL: Late as Hell E3 Extravaganza! 07/04/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit Quicksave: Rebirth! 06/27/2016
info_outline Street Fighter II Part B (Gameplay and Diegetic History) 03/06/2016
info_outline Street Fighter II Part A (Fighting Games History) 03/01/2016
info_outline SFCL: Black Disk Mix 4: Final Fantasy Legend II 02/22/2016
info_outline SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Elite 4 & Delta Chapter 02/15/2016
info_outline SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Gyms 1-8 & Team Aqua/Magma 02/08/2016
info_outline SFCL Pokemon R/S/E (/ORAS): Series Overview 02/02/2016
info_outline SuperFamiCompLit: Black Disk Mix 003: Xenogears 01/25/2016
info_outline SFCL Side Quest 004: Hotline Miami 01/17/2016
info_outline SFCL Game of the Year 2015 01/13/2016
info_outline SFCLEp006D: Dungeon 7 to End 12/27/2015
info_outline SFCLEp006C: Link's Awakening - Dungeons 1- 6 12/20/2015
info_outline SFCLEp006B: Link's Awakening - Intro to Koholint 12/14/2015
info_outline SFCLEp006A: Zelda: Link's Awakening (Series History) 12/05/2015