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Tales of a Red Clay Rambler: A pottery and ceramic art podcast

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast features interviews with ceramic artists and makers from around the world. For more information please visit our website www.talesofaredclayrambler.com.

info_outline 334: Betty Turbo on digital illustration and using humor to carry a message 07/31/2020
info_outline 333: Ashleigh Christelis on integrating self-care into a creative life 07/23/2020
info_outline 332: Mitchell Spain on addressing environmentalism through satirical imagery 07/16/2020
info_outline 331: Carleigh Queenth on the quest for porcelain in 18th-century Europe 07/09/2020
info_outline 330: Adam Chau on digital calligraphy and the paradox of the anonymous selfie 06/30/2020
info_outline 329: Dr. Melissa Weimer on Addiction Medicine 06/26/2020
info_outline 328: Thoughts on anti-racism and fighting white supremacy 06/22/2020
info_outline 327: Isaac Scott on black representation in public spaces and photographing protests 06/15/2020
info_outline 326: Spring Fund Drive: Andrei Taraschuk on the beautiful world of Art Bots 05/21/2020
info_outline 325: Spring Fund Drive: Tim Kowalczyk on his trompe l'oeil ceramics 05/15/2020
info_outline 324: Spring Fund Drive: Resources for artists in the COVID era with Carrie Cleveland from Cerf+ 05/06/2020
info_outline 323: Justin Rothshank on low temperature soda firing 04/24/2020
info_outline 322: Kate Johnston on developing design rules to guide one’s work in the studio 04/17/2020
info_outline 321: Tom Lauerman on rapid prototyping personal protective equipment for Penn State’s MASC initiative 04/08/2020
info_outline 320: Jonathan Barnes on teaching art online and 3d printing medical protective equipment 04/05/2020
info_outline 319: Kerianne Quick and Adam John Manley on their zine Craft Desert 03/24/2020
info_outline 318: Kelly Schnorr on effective teaching methods for high school students 03/12/2020
info_outline 317: Brian Jones on refining your craft and staying present in the making process 03/06/2020
info_outline 316: Jordan Mcdonald on his love of Rosanjin and the Pots in Words project 02/29/2020
info_outline 315: Sam Harvey on the fundamentals of running a successful gallery 02/14/2020
info_outline 314: Louise Deroualle on using abstraction to convey emotion 02/05/2020
info_outline 313: Daniel Dallabrida on the intersection of grief, perseverance, and creativity 01/30/2020
info_outline 312: HP Bloomer talks about balancing risk taking and loss rate in studio production 01/20/2020
info_outline 311: Louise Cort on forty years of ceramic research and museum curation 01/11/2020
info_outline 310: Ryan Greenheck on generating financial opportunities through invitational group sales 12/19/2019
info_outline 309: Stephanie Kantor on how bathing culture inspires her sculpture 12/12/2019
info_outline 308: Fall Fund Drive: Peltz, Dehnert, and Vettoso on the history and impact of the Old Church Pottery Show 11/26/2019
info_outline 307: Fall Fund Drive: Michael Connelly on converting former industrial spaces into a creative hub in Philadelphia 11/21/2019
info_outline 306: Fall Fund Drive: James Whiting on creating a healthy studio environment and new music from The Painted Horses 11/13/2019
info_outline 305: Fall Fund Drive: Sandy Simon on how the internet changed the way pots are sold 11/07/2019