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Talking with the dogs!

Liz Murdoch, Animal Communicator, Dog Whisperer & Educator interviews and chats with dogs and their loved ones, plus shares stories from her conversations, helping dog people understand what dogs want them to know so everyone can live happily ever after, in and out of the dog house. Email Liz: [email protected] Follow Liz on Instagram or FB @talkingwiththedogs. Sign up at talkingwiththedogs.com for chance to be a guest on the show!

info_outline My Zen Pet 04/07/2021
info_outline Cat Chat: Say Adrian! 03/30/2021
info_outline Cat Chat: What A Cat Wants 03/27/2021
info_outline Scrappy the Service Dog 03/16/2021
info_outline Cool Treats For Dogs: 03/16/2021
info_outline Talking to dogs with Intuitionology! 03/09/2021
info_outline Dog Spotted in New York City Talks Dog 03/02/2021
info_outline Encountering Dog Grief 02/23/2021
info_outline Ready on the Set: 02/16/2021
info_outline Not Always Home Before Dark 12/29/2020
info_outline Time to Feed the Dog! 12/15/2020
info_outline A Modern Family Dog Story 10/27/2020
info_outline Pet Chaplain Dr. Rachel Geller 10/21/2020
info_outline Poppy in the Wild 10/13/2020
info_outline Cat Chat - Bonus Episode 08/17/2020
info_outline The Year of the Dogs with Vincent J. Musi 08/14/2020
info_outline Three Dog Home 07/14/2020
info_outline Cooking with the dogs! - Making Mealtime Fun 07/08/2020
info_outline Talking dogs with Dog Trainer Irith Bloom 06/30/2020
info_outline Lost dog in Chicago Finds His Way Home 06/03/2020
info_outline Beagle Freedom Project 05/28/2020
info_outline Roman McConn Project Freedom Ride with the dogs! 05/20/2020
info_outline Financial Consultant Tracey Bissett Talks with her Golden Retriever 05/12/2020
info_outline Third Grader Trains Her Dog 04/08/2020
info_outline Vira Vira the Chilean Jungle Dog 03/18/2020
info_outline Gryffin Talks Life in London 03/11/2020
info_outline A Spanish Dog Story 02/18/2020
info_outline Katy Cable and Olive talk Dog Rescue 01/30/2020
info_outline Dr.Phil Parenting Expert Donna Tetreault talks dogs! 01/30/2020
info_outline Grace Grows Up Talking with the dogs! 01/16/2020