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TalkinS hit with Eddie Ifft

One of America's most under-rated comedians, Eddie Ifft steps off the stage and into the living room of his cottage in Venice Beach to bring his unique brand of comedy to the podcasting community. Talkin' Sh!t is the only podcast to be banned from iTunes for offensive content — it’s his own real-life “Wayne’s World.” Eddie brings together comedian friends, entertainers, celebrities and much more for an hour of raw, uncensored funny. Listen every Tuesday and Thursday on iTunes, your favorite podcast app, or directly at EddieIfft.com.

info_outline Talkin's Hit - 500th Reunion Episode Announcement 05/22/2020
info_outline 499: The Final Episode 06/19/2017
info_outline 498.1 - Announcements 05/09/2017
info_outline 498: #TBT 03/30/2017
info_outline 497: Live from The Rhino Room In Adelaide Australia 03/09/2017
info_outline 496: The Austin Rally Aftermath 02/16/2017
info_outline 495: "You're So Old" with Greg Hahn and Gene Pompa 02/02/2017
info_outline 494: "Unplanned Parenthood" with Sharon Huston and Gareth Reynolds 01/19/2017
info_outline 493:"Urbanicity" with Craig Glazer 01/12/2017
info_outline 492: What Did You Just Hear? with Tom Simmons 01/05/2017
info_outline 491: "When I Used To Alter Boy" with Jim Kern 12/22/2016
info_outline 490: "A Little Bit Portly" with Al Jackson 12/15/2016
info_outline 489: "Munchkin Auer" with Jim Florentine and Craig Phillip Conant 12/08/2016
info_outline Episode 488: "Best Episode Ever" with Chris Wylde 12/01/2016
info_outline 487: "Not My Problem" with Yoshi Obayashi 11/24/2016
info_outline 486: Live from Mortys Comedy Joint with Ms. Pat 11/17/2016
info_outline Episode 485 "Gluten-Free Problems" with Kelsey Cook and Lachlan Patterson 11/10/2016
info_outline Episode 484: "Off Shore Dumping" with Kassem G and Joe Praino 11/03/2016
info_outline Episode 483: "Hands on a Hardbody" with Pete Giovine and Cameron Lynch 10/27/2016
info_outline Episode 482: "Quit Comedy" with Nick McQuick 10/20/2016
info_outline Episode 481: "Deplorable People" with Jason Collings 10/13/2016
info_outline Episode 480: "True Evangelism" with Ben Roy and Eugenia Kuzmina 10/06/2016
info_outline Episode 479: "Porn Stash" with Chris Wylde and Gene Pompa 09/29/2016
info_outline Episode 478: "No Where To Go From Here" with Amir K and Chad Zumock 09/22/2016
info_outline Episode 477: " Let's Go Trip Together" with Shane Mauss 09/15/2016
info_outline Episode 476: "Reading Champion" with Brian Moses and Earl Skakel 09/08/2016
info_outline Episode 475"Nude On A Beanbag" with Dave Waite 09/01/2016
info_outline Episode 474: Retributive Justice 08/25/2016
info_outline Episode 473 "Pro Social" with Brett Erickson 08/18/2016
info_outline Episode 472: "The Amazing Everyman" with Brad Garrett 08/11/2016