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The Broken Record Radio Show

The Broken Record Radio Show is weekly two-hour talk show originating from KBBF Radio in Santa Rosa, California.

info_outline Hasbara 09/19/2023
info_outline Manosphere / Redpill / Incels / HIgh Value Men / Disneyland / Circus Music / Part 2 09/12/2023
info_outline Redpill Incels, Homelessness, Anarchist Book Fair 09/05/2023
info_outline Excerpt from 8-28-23 - Interview with Epona Rose & Supporters 08/29/2023
info_outline Interview With Epona Rose - Woman of Trans Experience Arrested for Self-Defense 08/29/2023
info_outline Heathers NATO 08/22/2023
info_outline Mean Girls - Women's Soccer - Tubi - Hot 08/15/2023
info_outline Placemaking in Sonoma County - Snoopy - Government Art - Disability Oppression 08/08/2023
info_outline ALIENS - Health Part 2 - PragerU (=/) 08/01/2023
info_outline KBBF's 50th Anniversary Event - What Does Health Mean in Capitalism 07/25/2023
info_outline Actor's Strike - 400 Tabs - White People - Mushrooms 07/18/2023
info_outline Lobbyists - Cluster Bombs - Ukraine - Euphoria - The Idol 07/11/2023
info_outline Affirmative Action - Sacrifice (CORRECTED AUDIO) 07/04/2023
info_outline Excerpt from 6-26-23 - Is Justice Even a Good Thing? 06/27/2023
info_outline Excerpt from 6-26-23 - Is It Ok to Make Fun of the Submarine? 06/27/2023
info_outline Making Fun of the Submarine - Is Justice Good? - Ukranian Anarchists 06/27/2023
info_outline Excerpt: Breaking Down Right Wing Arguments Against LGBTQ People 06/20/2023
info_outline Juneteenth and Anti-LGBT Arguments 06/20/2023
info_outline Paradiggums, Neo Liburrmzm, Cop City 06/13/2023
info_outline Sparkle's Memoirs, Police Alternatives in Brooklyn and Haiti 06/06/2023
info_outline Dave's Book Club: The Dawn of Everything 05/30/2023
info_outline Student Issues at a Santa Rosa School, AI, Privacy, The FBI, China, TikTok, Nancy Pelosi lol 05/23/2023
info_outline AIDS Life Cycle - Have You Ever Heard the Term Critical Race Theory in a School? 05/16/2023
info_outline Amanda Meets the Nap Bishop - WGA Writer's Strike 05/09/2023
info_outline IDENTITY POLITICS and also ROJAVA 05/02/2023
info_outline Context Collapse on Social Media - Biden Fired Whistleblowers in Migrant Children in Factories Case 04/25/2023
info_outline Triggers Continued, Police, Racism, Power, Etc. 04/18/2023
info_outline Talking About Triggers - Is F the Police Valid - Rohnert Park Makes Being a Kid Illegal 04/11/2023
info_outline Haven't You Ever Seen Training Day? 04/04/2023
info_outline Sassy Dave Teaches Gardening 03/28/2023