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The Electro and Banno Movie Power Hour Podcast

Join Electro and Banno as they chew the fat of the hearty steak (medium rare with a side of mash, broccoli and the finest boxed wine you can afford) that are the movies we love (and love to hate). We're talking directors, writers, we're talking Ethan Hawke, we're talking producers, composers and spoiling a film or two while we're at it.

info_outline #18: Training Day aka Hawke Talke Number 3 11/24/2019
info_outline #17: Joker 11/07/2019
info_outline #16: It Chapter Two 11/07/2019
info_outline First Reformed: Hawke Talke #2 10/20/2019
info_outline Toy Story Quadrilogy 10/01/2019
info_outline Bad Boys Talking about Good Boys 08/29/2019
info_outline Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 08/09/2019
info_outline #12: Midsommar (No night, no dream) 07/27/2019
info_outline #11: Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day 07/10/2019
info_outline #10: Avengers Endgame 05/28/2019
info_outline #9: Shazam Here Comes Another Episode! 05/09/2019
info_outline #8: The Stephen King Episode 04/24/2019
info_outline #7: The Us Episode (spoilers) 04/06/2019
info_outline #6: The Devil Movie Episode 03/26/2019
info_outline #5: First Ever Hawke Talke 03/20/2019
info_outline #4: Leaving Captain Marvel (Spoilers!) 03/13/2019
info_outline #3: The Mummy Episode 03/07/2019
info_outline #2: The Unbreakable M Night Shyamalan Episode 02/06/2019
info_outline #1: Electro and Banno's Excellent Conversation 02/02/2019