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AI in Business

The AI in Business Podcast is for functional business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI. Each week, Emerj founder Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - and uncovers trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption. Subscribe to Emerj's weekly AI newsletter by downloading our "Beginning with AI" PDF guide: https://emerj.com/beg1

info_outline Changes to the AI in Business Podcast, and Exciting News Ahead - with Daniel Faggella of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research 03/04/2021
info_outline NLP for Optimizing the Supply Chain, Present and Future Use-Cases - with Caroline Gorski of Rolls Royce 03/02/2021
info_outline Overcoming AI Deployment Challenges in the Enterprise - with Mahmoud Arram of Bluecore 02/25/2021
info_outline Start with Small Enterprise AI Wins and Build from There - with Per Nyberg of Stradigi AI 02/23/2021
info_outline Challenges and Opportunities of Deploying Enterprise AI - with Derek Choy of Aktana 02/18/2021
info_outline The Business Value of Location Data - with Max Sklar of Foursquare 02/16/2021
info_outline Enterprise AI Adoption is Different in Europe - with Lars Joakim Nilsson of Inmeta 02/11/2021
info_outline AI for Revenue Recovery in Healthcare - with Peter Durlach of Nuance Communications 02/09/2021
info_outline AI at the Edge - When is it Better Than Centralized Compute? - with Geoffrey Tate of Flex Logics 02/04/2021
info_outline Conversational Interfaces for Busy Salespeople - with Gilad Turbahn of Conga 02/02/2021
info_outline Building AI Teams and Functions in the Enterprise - with Dr. Dmitry Efimov of American Express 01/28/2021
info_outline AI in Insurance, Use-Cases for Brokers and Carriers - with Ron Glozman of Chisel AI 01/26/2021
info_outline Who's Adopting AI in Healthcare? - with Peter Durlach of Nuance Communications 01/21/2021
info_outline AI and the Evolution and Automation of Live Chat - with LivePerson CEO Robert LoCascio 01/19/2021
info_outline Conveying the ROI of AI to Leadership - with Dr. Charles Martin of Calculation Consulting 01/14/2021
info_outline AI for Sales Enablement in Pharma - with Derek Choy of Aktana 01/12/2021
info_outline Who's Adopting AI for Chat and Customer Support? - with Abinash Tripathy of Helpshift 01/07/2021
info_outline The Role of AI for Assembly in Manufacturing (Electronics, Medical Devices, etc.) - with Dr. Abhishek Pani of Bright Machines 01/05/2021
info_outline Internal Conversational Agents in Banking and Financial Services - with Dr. Tanushree Luke of US Bank 12/31/2020
info_outline AI for Translating Enterprise Content - with Spence Green of Lilt 12/29/2020
info_outline Making AI a "Need to Have," Not a "Nice to Have" - with Kurt Muehmel of Dataiku 12/24/2020
info_outline The Upsides and Downsides of Offering AI in the EU - with Maxim Khalilov 12/22/2020
info_outline Upgrading a Software Product with Machine Learning - with Dr. Pavel Dmitriev of Outreach.io 12/17/2020
info_outline 2021 AI Trends and Transformation - with Scot Alexander of Optimity Advisors 12/16/2020
info_outline AI in Brick-and-Mortar Retail, Areas of Opportunity 12/15/2020
info_outline Getting Financial Services Firms to Say Yes to AI - with Derek Wang of Stratifyd 12/10/2020
info_outline AI, Fraud, and Biometrics in Financial Services - with Brett Beranek of Nuance Communications 12/08/2020
info_outline The Challenges of Bringing AI into the Pharmaceutical Industry - with Kristof Szalay of Turbine.AI 12/03/2020
info_outline AI in Oil and Gas, Unlocking the Value of Data - with Lorena Pelegrín of Iron Mountain 12/01/2020
info_outline Getting Enterprises to Adopt an AI Solution - with Jim Benton of Chorus.AI 11/26/2020