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The Alan Sanders Show

Multiple winner of the Best On-Air Host and Best On-Air Show from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, radio host Alan Sanders breaks down news and current events for the listening audience.

info_outline BEST OF - Friday - Emotions have a way of stopping the truth 08/05/2022
info_outline BEST OF - Thursday - Limiting information is always bad 08/04/2022
info_outline BEST OF - Wednesday - Jonathan Turley on Biden Crime Family and Groomers are mad 08/03/2022
info_outline BEST OF - Tuesday - They want to fundamentally change our country 08/02/2022
info_outline BEST OF - Monday - Rights should not be subjective 08/01/2022
info_outline GDP shinks again and whatever you call it, it's not good 07/29/2022
info_outline FBI whistleblowers say Hunter Biden laptop intentionally labeled disinformation 07/28/2022
info_outline Karine is so very bad, Democrats turning on Biden and Hutchinson's an insurrectionist 07/27/2022
info_outline Biden says no recession and Legacy media conveniently forgets the definition too 07/26/2022
info_outline WH redefining "recession" and has Liz Cheney already switched parties? 07/25/2022
info_outline Justice Kagan beclowns herself, J6 announces season 2 and Social Media gets served 07/22/2022
info_outline Quadruple vaxx Biden gets Covid and the 5 parts of every emergency 07/21/2022
info_outline Dr. Birx falsified data and lied, invisible handcuffs, more NIMBY and the Thanos plan 07/20/2022
info_outline Colbert 9 charges dropped, Flip-flop Fauci and tap-dancing White House spokespeople 07/19/2022
info_outline Biden wants election takeover, 2020 irregularities, DC Mayor says NIMBY and Pelosi knows 07/18/2022
info_outline Real inflation, Political seismic shift, AOC hypocrisy and Starbucks closures 07/15/2022
info_outline Illegal migrant behind 10 y.o. rape and Elizabeth Warren is a horrible human being 07/14/2022
info_outline Inflation hits 9.1%, Biden is flailing, polls are falling and questions mean violence 07/13/2022
info_outline Hunter's hacked iCloud, dubious 10 y.o. rape story and Trump's accomplishments 07/12/2022
info_outline Border Patrol cleared, but not really; Biden reads stage direction and Afghanistan failure 07/11/2022
info_outline Biden oil sale to benefit Hunter, Monmouth poll and looking back at Afghanistan 07/08/2022
info_outline US Petroleum Reserves to China and Joe is a lost cause per fellow Democrats 07/07/2022
info_outline Karine Jean-Pierre has a bad day with Biden voicemail, gas prices and a rudderless ship 07/06/2022
info_outline Americans lack basics of our history, another Leftist mass-shooter and socialists 07/05/2022
info_outline A bad J6 witness, Biden misses major oil lease deadline and Independence Day 2022 07/04/2022
info_outline What the J6 show trial really wants and should we call him Jan Biden 07/01/2022
info_outline Conversation with Congressman Barry Loudermilk 07/01/2022
info_outline SCOTUS gets it right again, so few understand the Constitution and more J6 fallout 06/30/2022
info_outline Star witness Hutchinson crashing like J6 Committee plus grateful for Clarence Thomas 06/29/2022
info_outline Roe v Wade misinformation abounds and Democrats are fleeing the sinking party 06/28/2022