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The Art of Business English

Andrew Ambrosius invites you to The Art of Business English (AOBE). The premier podcast for those who wish to improve their business English skills and confidence. Listen in as Andrew provides useful strategies and lessons for learners. Immerse yourself in weekly episodes, with tips, vocabulary, expressions and coaching. These compelling lessons reveal how anyone can learn, improve and go through the often daunting task of learning a second language. Get inspired as Andrew shares stories and shows us all that anyone with the desire and focus can work with international clients of all levels. Andrew inspires and empowers his listeners to gain the confidence to improve their English language skills. Learn to overcome your fears and self-doubt. This inspirational and uplifting show also gives listeners the opportunity to learn with our guests, as Andrew offers interesting tips and insight into how even the best can improve their business English skills. One of a kind and unique in every aspect. Welcome to The Art of Business English. Feel free to drop Andrew a comment or question at: https://www.speakpipe.com/TheArtofBusinessEnglish

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