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The Art of Money

Money. No one talks about it (except maybe to complain). Let's change that. Jennifer Hale answers your questions, challenges your status quo and offers her unique insights on how to transform your relationship with money. In her words, "I'm not an expert, but I've been poor, I've done well, I've made bad and great investments and I'd like to save you some time and pain by sharing what I've learned along the way. Let's take money from being your oppressor to being your ally."

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info_outline #5 Live from Boston 08/18/2017
info_outline #4 Live from Salt Lake 07/10/2017
info_outline #3. Live from FanExpo Dallas 04/04/2017
info_outline #2. How Much to Save, Wells Fargo and Activism, and Career Advice 02/08/2017
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