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The Being Guide

Welcome to The Being Guide, the lifestyle podcast that celebrates diversity of thought on all things health, wellness and Being. I'm your host, Charlotte Horn, an inquisitive millennial on a mission to uncover what it really means to be 'well', and more importantly, how these insights can be applied in the context of our everyday lives. Each episode, I welcome a guest who represents a different school of thought on health & well-being, as we attempt to reconcile the idealism of each concept against the realism of today's society. From the traditional to the unconventional, the spiritual to the secular, the psychological to the philosophical, we explore all avenues in an attempt to glean the most relevant insights in support of our efforts to live happier, healthier lives. This is a wellbeing podcast for the everyday person. Take what you need, & enjoy the show.

info_outline #1 | The power of listening to your body | Michelle Sacchetti 11/25/2021