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The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is a place to pause. Are you tired of living frantic and defeated?  Is the mindless busy-ness of this world driving you mad? Do words like slow, simple, and savor sound lovely to you?  Have you been wishing you could step out of the fast lane and get back to what really matters most? Join us for conversations that will refresh you and send you back out in the right direction. Sometimes we have to push back on whatever is crowding in. We need our space, we need some room to breathe, and to be. To not be pressed and pressured, but instead to stand back, look around, regain our perspective and our purpose. To uncover the beauty and truth awaiting us. There are plenty of things in this world to weigh you down, The Breathing Room has a different goal - to leave you lighter! www.breathingroom.life

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