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The Confident Marriage

The Confident Marriage’s mission is to making happiness your marriage story by offering advice, support, tips and tools to help you improve your marriage no matter what your current situation is! I am working from personal experience, education and proven methods that work. I have firsthand experience with relationships from communication problems, parenting disagreements, sex, infidelity, emotional cheating, pornography use/addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, intimacy and the list goes on. About Jessica: I have been married twice, my first marriage was for 16 years and my second has been for 4 years, both marriages have had their share of major problems. I come from a long family history of addiction, abuse (sexual, physical and emotional), and dysfunction. I was defiant as a teenager and rebelled in ways that should have left me dead. It’s because of my journey and the hard work I have done on myself as a person, wife and mother that has given me tried and true knowledge and experience. Now, my heart is in teaching and helping others achieve success and transformation. I believe that husbands, wives and their marriage need love, guidance, support and tools to maneuver though the dips we face in all the different seasons we will encounter. Are you ready to turn your marriage around and experience something you never knew you and your spouse could have?

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