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The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler

A show about people changing the world. Including you. Learn more at TheGoodFight.fm. Powered by MoveOn.org.

info_outline Update: The Good Fight is on hold 02/21/2016
info_outline Sen. Gillibrand, sexual assault, and the fight to fix military justice (Rerun from #5) 08/06/2015
info_outline 44: How Al Franken beat Comcast and saved the Internet 06/27/2015
info_outline 43: Using the ocean without using it up 05/09/2015
info_outline 42: Coal, you're going to lose. You too, ALEC. 04/14/2015
info_outline 41: We're back! Had a baby. Got Kickstarted. And talked to three heroes. 03/25/2015
info_outline 40: Why #BlackLivesMatter 02/04/2015
info_outline VIDEO: Kickstarter for Good Fight, Year Two. Featuring Al Franken. 01/29/2015
info_outline 39: ALEC: Match.com for evil 12/17/2014
info_outline 38: How the kid with two moms saved the Boy Scouts 12/03/2014
info_outline 37: What $10 million buys you in U.S. politics 11/17/2014
info_outline 36: Turn Out For What 10/29/2014
info_outline 35: The progressive secret weapon 10/24/2014
info_outline 34: Fed up with the economy? 10/16/2014
info_outline 33: Inside the ginormous, huge-tastic climate march 09/26/2014
info_outline 32: Will police body cameras prevent the next Ferguson? 09/15/2014
info_outline 31: Mayday Super PAC Strikes Back 08/26/2014
info_outline 30: Garlin Gilchrist II: Detroit, diaspora, and destiny 08/13/2014
info_outline 29: Live from Netroots 07/20/2014
info_outline 28: Cory Booker and Rand Paul: partners on crime 07/16/2014
info_outline 27: War on women? Meet the resistance 07/11/2014
info_outline Win Report: Hobby Lobby, Hillary, and the Beyonce voters 07/03/2014
info_outline 26: Pulitzer winner. Undocumented. American. 07/01/2014
info_outline 25: Lawrence Lessig, Aaron Swartz, and the Super PAC to end Super PACs 06/24/2014
info_outline Win Report: Rick Perry said what?! 06/20/2014
info_outline 24: The 347 climate wins you've never heard of 06/11/2014
info_outline 23: The plot to bring democracy to America 05/28/2014
info_outline 22: You've got to hear this preacher 05/16/2014
info_outline 21: Beating the Koch brothers 05/06/2014
info_outline 20: Minimum wage myths, busted 04/24/2014