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School of Ritual

Are you a woman craving a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you? Are you ready to express your voice confidently and feel pleasure in all that you do? Are you ready to share your truest self with the world and have an impact on others along the way? Here on the pod we express ourselves freely and talk about life through the female lens. We dive into yummy themes like; Womb Wellness, Spiritual Energetics & Embodiment, Feminine New Paradigm Leadership, and Soul-Sourced Entrepreneurship. This online sisterhood is a place where it's encouraged to embody your wholeness, completely. Tune in on the 1st & the 15th of the month to learn from women just like you, choosing to play by their own rules; guides, teachers, healers, speakers, and other new paradigm leaders excited to share their knowledge and wisdom with you!

info_outline Brain Health, Recovering from Burn-Out & Nervous System Regulation 11/24/2023
info_outline Spiritual Sovereignty & Giving yourself Permission to Evolve 11/15/2023
info_outline How to Accept & Give Boundaries + Setting Boundaries by Open Centre in HD 11/01/2023
info_outline How to Become an Aligned Yoga Teacher & Community Leader 10/17/2023
info_outline How to Practice Intentional Communication & Human Design Throat Centre Gates 10/01/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Meditation Ritual 09/24/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Energetic Ritual 09/24/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Business Ritual 09/24/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Online Ritual 09/21/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Body Ritual 09/20/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Home Ritual 09/19/2023
info_outline *bonus* SHIFT, 7-Day Seasonal Reset - Introduction 09/18/2023
info_outline Authentic Connection, Spiritual Relationships, Motherhood & Community Transformation w/ Nicole Jones 09/15/2023
info_outline Human Design Profile #'s & Leaning into your Leadership Genius 08/31/2023
info_outline Soul-Sourced Creation & Bringing your Magic to your Community 08/28/2023
info_outline BONUS - Lion's Gate Portal, Step into Your Potential Meditation 08/08/2023
info_outline A Convo about Conditional Confidence + The Aligned Entrepreneur Launch 08/08/2023
info_outline How to Let Go of "The Should's" & Actually Do What you Want 07/10/2023
info_outline Manifestation vs. Magnetism + How to Get What you Want 07/03/2023
info_outline Master the 5 Layers to Sharing your Voice 06/26/2023
info_outline Podcast Reflection & Mission Based Branding Chat 06/19/2023
info_outline Cycle Syncing, At Home Birth & Trusting your Intuition 06/12/2023
info_outline Fear of Rejection?! Let's Talk About It 06/05/2023
info_outline How to Shift From a Performance Mindset to your Artist Mind 05/29/2023
info_outline Harness your Authentic Voice Using the Power of Reiki 05/22/2023
info_outline How to Embody the Inner Mother Archetype in your Business 05/15/2023
info_outline How to Become a Totally Sovereign Woman from the Inside Out 05/10/2023
info_outline How to Give & Receive Boundaries Confidently 05/08/2023
info_outline Womb Wisdom Chat + Reiki Infused Visualization 05/01/2023
info_outline What do you stand for & are you honouring yourself?! 04/24/2023