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The Michael Gevedon Show

My show is a mixture of a little bit of everything. I’ll talk about random topics that are on my mind, as well as some top stories that are currently occurring. There will be nights where we are talking sports, other nights we may talk TV and movies. So stick around, this is going to be a fun ride.

info_outline Christmas 2021 12/19/2021
info_outline Here We Go Again 11/28/2021
info_outline A Change is Needed 10/02/2021
info_outline A Failed America 10/02/2021
info_outline America in Crisis Part 2 10/02/2021
info_outline August 11th Live Show 08/19/2021
info_outline America in Crisis 08/19/2021
info_outline July 21st Live Show 07/23/2021
info_outline July 12th Live Show 07/13/2021
info_outline July 9th Live Show 07/09/2021
info_outline June 30th Live Show 07/03/2021
info_outline Call-In Show 1 06/10/2021
info_outline Cancel Culture, Border Crisis & More 03/28/2021
info_outline The Impact of COVID-19 02/13/2021
info_outline The Hidden Truth of America 02/05/2021
info_outline Christmas 2020 12/24/2020
info_outline 5 Months Later 08/12/2020
info_outline Abortion vs Pro Life 05/25/2020
info_outline Social Distancing 04/22/2020
info_outline WWE Week in Review / Releases 04/18/2020
info_outline COVID-19 Talk 04/12/2020
info_outline WWE Talk 04/11/2020
info_outline Eastern Kentucky COVID-19 03/31/2020
info_outline COVID-19 03/18/2020
info_outline Health Update 02/15/2020
info_outline The Future Changed 01/30/2020
info_outline Driving 7 01/18/2020
info_outline Ghost, Goblins & Beyond 01/05/2020
info_outline The Dreaded Drive 01/01/2020
info_outline What is Christmas 12/22/2019