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Podcast Series: The Mission Strategist – The Watershed Group

Podcast Series: The Mission Strategist – The Watershed Group Join the discussion of the issues facing leaders and managers in hospice in the USA. today. Topics will include: Staying focused on the Mission, Best Practices in hospice, Succession Planning, Philanthropy in hospice, innovation and staying current in the highly regulated field of caring for the dying. Join the discussion and create the future of the hospice movement!

info_outline Best Practices Of Hospice 06/30/2016
info_outline Replacing the CEO 06/28/2016
info_outline Leadership Change-The 3 things a CEO Needs To Do 06/02/2016
info_outline The Importance Of Succession Planning 05/31/2016
info_outline What Does Your Community REALLY Want From You? 05/19/2016
info_outline Hospice And Philanthropy 05/17/2016
info_outline Beyond The Basics 04/21/2016
info_outline Innovation In Hospice 04/19/2016
info_outline Everything Matters 03/22/2016
info_outline A Client Success Story 03/17/2016
info_outline Engaging A Consultant Vs. Internal Resources 03/03/2016
info_outline Why I Wrote The Book “No Mission No Margin ™” 03/01/2016
info_outline Key Challenges My Clients Face 04/22/2015
info_outline How Patti Helps Her Clients 04/22/2015
info_outline Everything Begins With Culture 04/22/2015