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The Modern Saxophonist Podcast

The Modern Saxophonist Podcast hosted by Mark McArthur will bring you interviews of saxophonists making an impact on the world of music. We intend to add value to our listener by also providing educational and inspirational episodes recorded in a conversational style for all levels of enthusiasts. Performers, Composers, Teachers, Students, Recording Artists, and Enthusiasts will all be welcome to share their stories to provoke interesting and impactful conversations.

info_outline Building Your Business with Jessica Voigt Page 03/21/2017
info_outline Dr. Brian Kauth: Through the Rabbit Hole 03/16/2017
info_outline Dr. Nathan Mertens - Off to Japan 03/06/2017
info_outline Saxophone Tech with Dave Camwell 02/28/2017
info_outline Dr. J. Michael Holmes: CSO Gold Standard 02/17/2017
info_outline Live from NY with Kristen McKeon 02/15/2017
info_outline Instrument Repair with Steven Georges 02/08/2017
info_outline Solo #1: What Have I Learned? 02/04/2017
info_outline James Barrera on Lindeman Method 01/28/2017
info_outline Dr. Henning Schroeder Part 2 01/23/2017
info_outline Dr. Henning Schroeder, Part 1 01/23/2017
info_outline Dr. Jonathan Nichol 01/19/2017
info_outline Round Table on Solo and Ensemble 01/11/2017
info_outline Chris Condon Pieces 01/06/2017
info_outline Gospel of Sax, Gap, and Violence 12/16/2016
info_outline TMSP #18 Zach Shemon and Glazunov 11/13/2015
info_outline TMSP #17 Mike Keepe: Hollywood Saxophone Quartet 10/08/2015
info_outline TMSP #16 Sal Lozano Guest Spot 09/30/2015
info_outline TMSP #15 Dave Camwell Guest Spot 09/24/2015
info_outline TMSP #14 Dr. Andrew Allen Masterclass 09/20/2015
info_outline TMSP #13 Dr. Andrew Allen Guest Spot Sax Ensemble 09/17/2015
info_outline TMSP #12 Dr. Noah Getz on Voicing 09/14/2015
info_outline TMSP #11 Noah Getz Guest Spot 09/10/2015
info_outline TMSP #10: Marching Band Sax Review 09/07/2015
info_outline #9 The Elephant in the Room 09/03/2015
info_outline #8 Jon Wintringham Masterclass on Programming 08/30/2015
info_outline Back to School Checklist 08/28/2015
info_outline Jonathan Wintringham Guest Spot Interview 08/26/2015
info_outline Dr. Rhonda Taylor Masterclass - 3 tips 08/24/2015
info_outline Dr. Rhonda Taylor Part 2 08/19/2015