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The Mostly Bull Market with Danny Lobell

Danny Lobell knows nothing about money. He has zero investments and usually nothing in the bank. Each week he sits with a comedian and they discuss what they think they would invest in if they actually had money to invest. They also talk about their worst money mistakes so you can learn what not to do, and review what's going on in the financial news.

info_outline SWAPCAST: Danny guests on JT Habersaat's The Road Podcast 04/27/2017
info_outline S5: E60: Jenny Zigrino & The Bullet 02 03/15/2017
info_outline S5: E59: Ahmed Bharoocha & theSkimm 03/08/2017
info_outline S5: E58: Jason Webb & FullStory 02/19/2017
info_outline S5: E57: Matt Lieb & Suja Juice 01/25/2017
info_outline S5: E56: David Heti & BrewPublik 10/26/2016
info_outline S5: E55: Sofiya Alexandra & After School App 09/16/2016
info_outline S5: E54: Steve Mittleman & Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack 08/29/2016
info_outline S5: E53: Barbara Gray & Culture IQ 08/21/2016
info_outline S5: E52: Allen Strickland Williams & Skillshare 08/03/2016
info_outline S5: E51: Genevieve Joy & Pymetrics 07/20/2016
info_outline S5: E50: Troy Conrad & Betterment 06/27/2016
info_outline Season 5: Episode 49: Karl Hess & Honor 06/09/2016
info_outline S4: E48: Certified Insanity & Postmates *LIVE SHOW* 06/01/2016
info_outline S4: E47: Patrick Melton & Product Hunt 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E46: Jeremiah Watkins & Chariot 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E45: Emmy Blotnik & Wearable Experiments 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E:44: Ben Blanchard & Shyp 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E43: Kara Klenk & 6SensorLabs 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E42: Micah Bleich & Farmigo 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E41: Brendan Scannell & Eaze 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E40: Dave DeLuca & Shift 05/16/2016
info_outline S4:E39: Shannon Leigh & Fits.me 05/16/2016
info_outline S4: E:38: Gary Cannon & We Are Pop Up 05/16/2016
info_outline Season 4: Episode 37: Dave Waite & Disease Diagnostic Group 05/16/2016
info_outline S3: E36: Graham Kay & ParkNav *LIVE SHOW* 05/16/2016
info_outline S3: E35: Erica Rhodes & Soldsie *LIVE SHOW* 05/16/2016
info_outline S3: E34: Jamie Flam, Jessimae Peluso & PopBookings 05/16/2016
info_outline S3: E33: Matt Kirshen & The Firefly 2 05/16/2016
info_outline S3: E32: Michael Somerville & iMovr 05/16/2016