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The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman

For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make everyday, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. If you're in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess or if you've ever searched "how to make a decision" on the internet, listen in.

info_outline 163: Reflection as Activism 01/26/2021
info_outline 162: Is it Time to Move On? 01/19/2021
info_outline 161: Change Your Mind 01/12/2021
info_outline 160: The Welcoming Prayer 01/05/2021
info_outline 159: What We Made in 2020 12/29/2020
info_outline 158: 5 Favorite Things I Listened To This Year 12/22/2020
info_outline 157: 10 Favorite Things I Watched This Year 12/15/2020
info_outline 156: 5 Favorite Books I Read This Year 12/08/2020
info_outline 155: Collect the Quiet 12/01/2020
info_outline 154: Remember Who You Are 11/24/2020
info_outline 153: Keep Advent Simple (with Tsh Oxenreider) 11/17/2020
info_outline 152: Say Words With Your Out Loud Voice 11/10/2020
info_outline 151: 3 Steps to Restart Your Life-Giving Rhythms 11/03/2020
info_outline 150: A Guide for Personal Reflection 10/27/2020
info_outline 149: How to Stay Grounded During Election Season 10/20/2020
info_outline 148: Remember the Medium Picture 10/13/2020
info_outline 147: Be Anti-Racist 10/06/2020
info_outline 146: Life With God: Start With Your Senses 09/29/2020
info_outline 145: When You're Afraid: Start With Your Senses 09/22/2020
info_outline 144: When You’re Feeling Stuck: Start With Your Senses 09/15/2020
info_outline 143: At Home: Start With Your Senses (with Myquillyn Smith) 09/08/2020
info_outline 142: Start With Your Senses 09/01/2020
info_outline 141: Redo Your Morning Routine 08/25/2020
info_outline 140: Do The Opposite 08/18/2020
info_outline 139: Decide Once (with Kendra Adachi) 08/11/2020
info_outline 138: Leave It Behind 08/04/2020
info_outline 137: Remember What You Know 07/28/2020
info_outline 136: Decision-Making for Slow Processors 07/21/2020
info_outline 135: Fill The Vault 07/14/2020
info_outline 134: How to Pray When You're Sad 07/07/2020