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The Holy Post

Join VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, speaker, pastor) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology, and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

info_outline Episode 516: A Boomer and a Millennial on the Future of the Church with Nancy Beach & Samantha Beach Kiley 07/06/2022
info_outline Episode 515: America After Roe & Pursuing Shalom with Amy Sherman 06/29/2022
info_outline French Friday: School Choice & the Future of the GOP 06/24/2022
info_outline Episode 514: How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church with Drew Dyck & David Kinnaman 06/22/2022
info_outline Episode 513: Guns Again & Learning to Read the Bible with Jo Saxton and BibleProject 06/15/2022
info_outline Episode 512: Christian Self-Defense & Church-Based Deconstruction with Mike Erre & Lina AbuJamra 06/08/2022
info_outline French Friday: Debating Gun Control 06/03/2022
info_outline Episode 511: America’s 400 Million Guns & Saving Humanity from Technology with Andy Crouch 06/01/2022
info_outline Special Episode: The Movie Proposal 130 - Operation Mincemeat 05/27/2022
info_outline Episode 510: The SBC Report and Rethinking Sexual Ethics with Christine Emba 05/25/2022
info_outline Episode 509: The War on Winsomeness & Interfaith Cooperation with Eboo Patel 05/18/2022
info_outline Episode 508: No More Roe? & the New Scandal of the Evangelical Mind with Mark Noll 05/11/2022
info_outline Episode 507: Dubuque, Demons, & Defying Patriarchy (Part Deux) with Beth Allison Barr 05/04/2022
info_outline French Friday: Football Prayer & CRT Hysteria 04/29/2022
info_outline Episode 506: The Pro-Life Case for Paid Family Leave with Rachel Anderson 04/27/2022
info_outline Episode 505: Stupid Social Media & Learning to Love While Offended with Albert Tate 04/20/2022
info_outline Episode 504: Political Worship Rallies, Trump’s Racial Topography, & New Picks from Drew Dyck 04/13/2022
info_outline Episode 503: Woke Disney, Teens in Crisis, & Racial Reconciliation with Derwin Gray 04/06/2022
info_outline Episode 502: Secular Sexual Ethics, Faith, & Autism with Daniel Bowman Jr. 03/30/2022
info_outline French Friday: Trans Athletes & Good Liberalism 03/25/2022
info_outline Episode 501: “Don’t Say Gay” & Latino Evangelicals with Gabriel Salguero 03/23/2022
info_outline 500th Episode Extravaganza! 03/16/2022
info_outline Episode 499: The End of Racial Reconciliation & Rescuing Evangelicalism with David Brooks 03/09/2022
info_outline Episode 498: Making Christian Disciples or Christian Nationalists? with David Kinnaman 03/02/2022
info_outline French Friday: Putin, Pentecostals, & Christian Nationalism 02/25/2022
info_outline Episode 497: The Progressive Christian Checklist & Ending Online Worship with Tish Harrison Warren 02/23/2022
info_outline Episode 496: The Embrace of Tyrants & the Despair of Pastors 02/16/2022
info_outline Episode 495: The False Gospel of Democracy with Robert Tracy McKenzie 02/09/2022
info_outline Episode 494: Falwell Fallout & How Not to Read the Bible with Dan Kimball 02/02/2022
info_outline French Friday: Falwell & the Fruit of Evangelical Leadership 01/28/2022