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The Price

Entrepreneurs describe the real-life choices they are making to realize their start-up dreams. Hear from founders as they answer the ultimate question - is it worth the price? Hosted by Drew Adams.

info_outline Karly Pavlinac - CEO of WAAM - Creating Access to the World's Best Celebrity Trainers for $19 / month 05/18/2020
info_outline Don Shin - CEO of CrossComm on The Most Common Pitfalls Startups Experience When Building an App or Platform 05/04/2020
info_outline Eli Sheets, Founder of IdeaBlock - Using Blockchain to Protect Intellectual Property Rights 03/30/2020
info_outline Joe Colopy, Co-founder and CEO of Bronto sold for $200M in 2015 01/09/2020
info_outline Mark Johnson - Founder of Hotel Chatter, Jaunted and Vegas Chatter which was sold to CondeNast 09/09/2019
info_outline James Avery - CEO of Adzerk, ad serving platform earning +$5M a year 04/22/2019
info_outline Allison Wood - CEO of LCMS+ 07/18/2018
info_outline David Hadden - Co-CEO of Pro-ficiency 07/18/2018
info_outline Clarence Bethea - Founder of Upsie 07/18/2018
info_outline Nathan Clendenin - Founder of StoryDriven 07/18/2018
info_outline Joe Bell - CEO of Cultivate 07/18/2018