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The Recovering Athlete with Cletus Coffey

The Recovering Athlete is a mindset and business show that teaches former athletes who aspire to reach their highest potential, the secrets to success in life after sports. Hosted by Cletus Coffey - a former professional football player, world champion athlete, and sports leadership entrepreneur. The Recovering Athlete podcast brings to life the stories, lessons, and insights from current and former athletes, coaches, and other dynamic people, who have transitioned to life after sports and found success in entrepreneurship, business, relationships, health, and beyond. The goal is to motivate YOU to harness your Athletic DNA to make a greater impact in life than you ever did in sports. You will find that Cletus brings energy, curiosity and a burning passion for helping former athletes like you, discover the high you once had as a competitor and align it with your purpose to reach fulfillment and success in life after sports.

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