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The Skinny Peel

The Skinny Peel podcast is created to help smart , creative women who work long hours , who may struggle to lose weight and keep it off, while trying to stay sane. The skinny Peel is a unique platform that helps women gain the confidence to get unstuck and start moving toward permanent weight loss . Tiffany Marie Lindsey is a former emotional over eater who has managed to lose over 100 pounds. She is a believer and lover of the word of God. Tiffany believes that the key to success with weight loss lyes in the ability , to decide , commit , and have the support systems in place . Join Her while you listen to the The skinny peel podcast, as one of her tag lines is "Girl take my hand , we are going to do this together " The skinny Peel.com is a wonderful hub for weight loss resources

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