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The Smart Church Podcast

On The Smart Church podcast, Host and Lead Pastor of Impact Church, Olu Brown, explores how this modern age could be the most opportune time in history for the spreading of the gospel — and shows you how churches can transform from surviving to thriving communities by fusing modern methods and ideals with the fundamentals of the faith.

info_outline TSC010: Jason Moore on Becoming A Master Communicator: Putting Worship Into Action Through Visual Imagery 02/13/2018
info_outline TSC009: James Lee on Using Visual Artistry to Tell Powerful Stories That Equip and Empower Church Leaders 01/30/2018
info_outline TSC008: Bishop Robert Schnase on How to Initiate and Organize New Ministry Ideas 01/08/2018
info_outline TSC007: Mike Bonem on How To Influence Your Church As A Second Chair Leader 01/02/2018
info_outline TSC006: Dr. Lovett H. Weems on the Core Values of Leadership and Why We Need To Be Thinking From The Outside In 12/27/2017
info_outline TSC005: Rev. Audrey Warren on the Fresh Expression Movement and Six Steps to Implement It in Your Church 12/18/2017
info_outline TSC004: Leonard Sweet on Reshaping What It Means To Be A Jesus Follower Today 12/11/2017
info_outline TSC003: Rev. Karoline M. Lewis on The Power Of Inclusion and the Need for a More Authentic Ministry 12/01/2017
info_outline TSC002: Richard Rogers on Being a Disciple In The Market Place and Implementing E-Giving In The Local Church 10/20/2017
info_outline TSC001: Rosario Picardo On The Importance of Church Mentorship And Using Business Partnerships To Give Back To the Community 10/14/2017